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The combination of comfort and functionality that creates value across generations.

Your timeless unique furniture.

Width: 68 cm

Depth: 85 cm

Height: 64 cm

Usually, when people think of a rocking chair, they see a grandfather slowly swinging in it. I wanted to reimagine this idea of a traditional rocking chair to make it more timeless. Ringa brings a sense of nostalgia that all generations can appreciate. 

I designed a modern and stylish armchair where you don’t have to compromise on comfort. Ringa cradles your body gently, providing the perfect place to relax and unwind after a long day. If someone told you when you were younger that you shouldn’t be rocking your chair – this one is for you!

Available in 3 types of wood

tölgy kőris fekete logo.jpg


tölgy kőris fekete logo.jpg


tölgy kőris fekete logo.jpg

Black oiled ash

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Available in several colors of upholstery

mályva lila zománc égszín.png

Enamel blue

mályva lila zománc égszín.png


szeder lila.png

Blackberry purple

textil szürkék.jpg

30+ colors


Rock it!

The brand

I created my brand to design and implement unique solid wood furniture. The combination of comfort and functionality creates value that spans through generations. I want to make furniture that, in terms of its design and functionality, can be used for a long time, for decades. An important aspect for me during production is the optimized use of materials to make the products with the smallest possible ecological footprint.


As a furniture designer, protecting our environment and nature is a priority - that is what helps me create something more permanent. I only use environmentally friendly raw materials from controlled forestry.

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