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Get comfortable in every situation, whether you have to work or it is dinner time!

Would it look good at your place?

With AR (i.e. Augmented Reality) technology, you can test how the 3.14 chair would look in your living room, in the bedroom, or exactly where you want to put it. All you have to do is click on the button, then click on the icon in the right corner of the interface that appears and place your chair wherever you'd like with the hel of your camera.
AR is compatible with iOS and Android!

78,5 cm

45 cm

54,5 cm

Available in several types of wood







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Unleash it in your home

Have a truly unique furniture while supporting a small manufacturer.

The origins

I love what I do for living and the fact that people live with objects made by me. I wanted to embody this feeling, so here it is: CHAIR 3.14, from heart!

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