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Your timeless unique furniture.

The Tsuki chair is carefully designed and handcrafted in every detail. I started designing it in January 2024, and it was completed for the Year of the Wood Dragon, from which it also got its name. It has been inspired by the Japanese torii gate.

The sturdy frame is constructed from hand-picked oak, ensuring longevity for its owner for many years to come.

If you're keen, you can seize an early bird offer for the initial 10 pieces - simply click the early bird button for precise pricing and details.

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The brand

I created my brand to design and implement unique solid wood furniture. The combination of comfort and functionality creates value that spans through generations. I want to make furniture that, in terms of its design and functionality, can be used for a long time, for decades. An important aspect for me during production is the optimized use of materials to make the products with the smallest possible ecological footprint.


As a furniture designer, protecting our environment and nature is a priority - that is what helps me create something more permanent. I only use environmentally friendly raw materials from controlled forestry.

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