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If I had to label my work I would say I am somewhere between applied arts and carpentry, but what I really find important is that everything I make is timeless and unique.

In the course of my work, I design and make unique solid wood furniture where comfort and functionality are realized at the same time, all in a clean and modern form. My goal is to create furniture that can be used for a long time – even up to decades – and that creates value through generations. 


As a small business carpenter, I consider the protection of nature and our environment a priority, and I think this motivates me to create something that lasts. I work exclusively with sustainable raw materials from controlled forestry and I pay special attention to the optimal use of materials in both design and production, thus minimizing the ecological footprint of my products.

This summer I got nominated in the Young Talent category for the EDIDA awards. The winner will be selected based on audience voting which is still ongoing. 

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Your timeless unique furniture.


Small furniture manufacturing based in Budapest, Hungary



Photos by Erdős Dénes

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